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About Farsh-Heriz Rug Gallery

The oriental rug industry can be confusing. We at Farsh-Heriz hope that this simple, straightforward description on Farsh-Heriz’s handmade Persian oriental rugs can help. Click a region’s link below to learn more about Farsh-Heriz’s original Persian rugs from that region.

We at Farsh-Heriz hope to help our customers to feel confident in choosing the original and authentic pieces which they seek.

At Farsh-Heriz, you can learn the fine art of Persian rugs, choose and purchase the finest rugs for your lifestyle, feel comfortable and confident, and have fun doing it all!

Rugs by Region

Northwest Iran

North-Central Iran

Northeast Iran

Western Iran

What is an original Farsh-Heriz Persian rug?

Farsh-Heriz’s Persian rugs are the original, highest quality handmade rugs from Iran for which authentic, top value oriental rugs are known.

How can I make sure I buy the original, finest Persian rugs at a good value?

Chances are, you get what you pay for. However, Farsh-Heriz brings original and finest hand-picked pieces straight from each weaving village and family to ensure superior luxury value for our customers. At Farsh-Heriz, you will not find second-hand, off-center medallion rugs, mass produced rugs, or low grade loosely made qualities. Nor do we pretend that low quality rugs should be set at high prices. We at Farsh-Heriz stand on our reputation to find the finest pieces at surprisingly affordable prices. Our success lies in our repeat and referred business and in finding our customers superior luxury value. Thank you for visiting Farsh-Heriz!