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Viss (Wiss)

The look: The carpets that are made in Viss (Wiss), like Hamadan oriental rugs, have nomadic patterns. One single medallion that is much larger than other typical rugs is an indication of a rug from Viss. There are some unusual patterns also produced in Viss, such as the repetitive motif all around the rugs, and such a pattern is also hard to find.

The general feel for quality: Viss (Wiss) rugs are good quality rugs. Viss (Wiss) rugs and carpets have excellent durability and they keep their coloration for long time.

Shape and style: Viss rugs have different sizes where the majority of them lie in a mid size (4×6 to 8×10 feet) range.

Color: Dark red, khaki and light blue are the main colors.

Pile texture: Soft wool, thin, tight piles.

Foundation: Warps are mostly cotton, wefts either cotton or wool.

Solomon’s finest sources: Viss is a small town near city of Hamadan. Viss has very interesting geographic location and population. There exists an ethnic blend of Kurdish and Turkish people along with the nomadic people of Bakhtiari. These tribes have influenced the rugs produced in Viss. The majority of Viss rugs have geometric designs which is a general indication of tribal Persian rugs.