Contest Permits Students To Design An Actual Rug- The Quincy Sun

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ART INSTRUCTORS from the Quincy Middle School meet Solomon Mojtabai of Solomon’s Collection & Fine Rugs for the announcement of a rug design contest for students. Left to right, Kim Machaud of Point Webster, Nicole Green of Central, Sandra Papson of Atlantic, Nancy Sundheimeir of Broad Meadows, Mary Trainor of Sterling, and Nayier and Solomon Mojtabai.


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Contest Permits Students To Design An Actual Rug


One of the city’s newest retailers has teamed up with the Quincy School-Community Partnership program in an effort to encourage young artists.

Solomon Mojtabai, owner of Solomon’s Collection & Fine Rugs, 809 Hancock St., designed a special project for students at the middle school level that will net experience for the artist and funds for the schools.

A graphic design competition, directed by individual school art instructors, is designed to produce winning selections for all over patterns that might be suitable as a rug design.

Once the selections have been made a final overall winner will be announced. Then the particular design will be taken overseas by Mojtabai to be produced in an actual rug.

The winning design will be returned to Quincy as a fine finished rug and donated by Mojtabai to be won or purchased in a manner to be announced later.

The proceeds will go to the Quincy School-Community Partnership to fund a school activity or a special need while the young artist has the thrill of seeing his or her work become a reality.

Arrangements for the project were finalized by Arthur Keough, executive director for the Partnership, a program designed to make school kids aware that there are people outside the schools interested in their education.



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