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Professional Repair & Restoration

At Solomon’s, we will work with you to find a proper solution for your rugs that are in need of repair or restoration. Our assessments and repair recommendations are straightforward and honest. You can rest assured that only necessary and proper work will be applied to your treasures. We do not allow short-cut cosmetic cover-ups (e.g. machine-made fringes or pen markers to color your rug) which can actually damage the value of your rug.  We respect each hand-made rug and endeavor to genuinely preserve its authenticity and value. Common repair needs and Solomon’s solutions include:

  • 1. Worn or unraveling edges and fringes…

Solution: Solomon’s Hand-Overcasting. Our skilled professionals can hand-weave an actual fringe within the structure of the oriental rug if necessary. This properly creates a new fringe, repairs the rug edges, reinforces the edges to protect against future unraveling, and preserves the hand-made integrity of your fine oriental rug.

Watch out for: Machine-made fringes at hand-made prices. This short-cut machine sews a fake fringe onto the edges of your rug to look like an edge fringe. No real fringe is actually woven, and your rug will continue to unravel underneath the fake fringe. This causes more long-term damage, possibly forcing you to lose sections of your rug. At Solomon’s, we will never recommend this approach. We can actually help to reverse machine-made fringe applications and apply our proper Solomon’s Hand-Overcasting solution.

before and after photo of rug with worn frindge and freshly woven frindge
  • 2. Holes or tears…

Solution: Solomon’s Reweaving or Patching. For museum-quality restoration, Solomon’s experts can hand-weave the actual oriental rug section, using era-relevant material in order to reproduce your original work of art. This preserves the rug’s proper antique-aging process, along with its structure, integrity, and value. Solomon’s restoration process can transform your rug back to its original brilliance. Solomon’s Patching Process, using patch wool from relevant remnant rugs, can also be applied as a cost-effective approach to preserve the structural integrity and overall look and feel of your oriental rug.

Watch out for: Loose, cosmetic cover ups using new wool and color markers to give a false facade to a masterpiece, at museum-quality restoration prices. This shortcut may cover up your rug problems… until the hole appears again, or the coloration from the magic marker fades. At Solomon’s, we will never recommend this approach. We can actually help to reverse false weaving applications and apply our proper Solomon’s Reweaving or Patching solutions.

  • 3. Rotting (Soiled/Wet) Wool Patches, Worn areas, and all other needs…

Solution: We recommend SOLOMON’S professional repair/restoration process for your fine rug. Please contact us for any details and questions, or send your rug to our repair/restoration pick-up at 809 Hancock Street (Rt. 3A) in Quincy, Massachusetts.

We offer expert repair of:  handmade and machine-made rugs, durries and kilims, broadlooms, tufted and hook, silk, as well as custom-made rugs.

Shortlist of Common Problems and Recommended Repairs:

Rotted areas:  Remake or reinforce the affected area.

Moth damage:  Re-weave the pile while maintaining the original look and design.

Damaged fringes:  Custom-weave (by hand) new fringes, or attach pre-made fringes (we offer many different samples from which to choose).

Color damage:  Re-dye the affected area and resurface the pile, or repaint the affected area.

Stains:  Chemically remove the stain or resurface the affected area.

Pile damage:  Resurface the affected area if the wool is fluffy or dry.

Edges damage:  Re-wrap the edge by hand. Surging and binding by machine.

Glue damage:  Replace glue backing on tufted rugs. Replace glue tape on seaming areas.

Damaged pile.

Reweaving the damaged area.

Restored pile in place of former damage.