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The look: Mashad rugs are mostly curvilinear with the single central medallion and corner floral design, accompanied with multiple ornate curvilinear floral motifs in the background.

The general feel for quality: Mashad is known for producing some of the best wool in Iran. Mashad rugs have a very high quality. Mashads are another of the popular and famous rugs in Iran and the world.

Shape and style: Mashad rugs have different sizes but the majority of them are large sizes (10 x 18 feet).

Color: Dark red, blue, khaki, and slight raspberry are the main colors in Mashad oriental rugs.

Pile texture: Soft wool, thin, tight piles.

Foundation: Warps are mostly cotton, wefts either cotton or wool.

Solomon’s finest sources: Mashad is located in northeastern Iran, between two mountain ranges of Binalood and Hezarmasjed. In the year 823 A.D., after the martyrdom of Imam Reza in a place around Toos named “Sanabad” which was called MASHAD-e-Reza (place of martyrdom), the main nucleus of today’s MASHAD arose. Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi built a mausoleum opposite to the shrine and in 13th century AD. Destruction of Toos city by Mongols led to eventual reconstruction where Mashad developed and many different peoples then migrated to the city.