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The look: Malayer rugs and carpets usually have a nomadic patterns. Malayer is a true Herati design.

The general feel for quality: Malayer rugs and carpets have differnt quality. There are many good quality Malayer rugs and carpets in the market, but there are many cheap Malayer rugs and carpets in to day market.

Shape and style: Malayer rugs and carpets have different size and majority of them are mid size (4×6 to 8×10 feet).

Color: The coloring is predominantly shades of red. Rare, antique Malayer oriental rugs can come in neutral and blue tones.

Pile texture: Soft wool, thin, tight piles.

Foundation: Warps are mostly cotton, wefts either cotton or wool.

Solomon’s finest sources: Malayer, a land of tribes and grapes, is located southeast of Hamadan. Malayer is among cities such as Nahavand, Touserkhan and Beronjard. Malayer is small town that has many manufacturing capability of the nice tribal rugs and carpets in the region. Although one can trace the roots back as a very old city, the present, more modern aspects of the city which was formerly called Dowlatabad has been built-in the early Qajar period. It is a city with significant commercial points for its location on the way to Khuzestan (a southeast province of Iran). There are some caves like Darreh Farakh and Sardkouh as well as the remains of some old forts around this city. Malayer has urban and medical facilities as well as warm guest houses and parks.