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The Look: The oriental rugs from Ardabil have a decorative look. Ardabil designs are analogous to Kazak (Caucasian) designs from the Caucuses, which helps to explain the popularity of Ardabil rugs and why they can go very well with contemporary, traditional and even antique decors.

The General Feel for Quality: The quality of Ardabil rugs are fine and woven with care. High demands for good Kazak (Caucasian) styles helps to keep a high demand for the majority of Ardabil rugs.

Shape and style: Ardabil rugs come in different sizes and the majority of them are mid size (4×6 to 8×10 feet) You can also find large rugs up to 10 x 18 feet.

Color: Dark red, pink, khaki, soft green and ivory are found in the majority of Ardabil rugs.

Pile Texture: Soft, medium-thickness wool with a good, tight texture.

Foundation: Ardabil warps are mostly cotton, with wefts being either cotton or wool. Silk is also used on wefts on fine Ardabil rugs.

Solomon’s Finest Sources: The city of Ardabil is in northwest Iran, and west to the volcanic mount of Sabalan. The district of ARDABIL consists mainly of mountainous areas, including the famous Sabalan mountain. The name of Ardabil came from an Avesta’s (The Holy book of Zoroastrians) original Iranian word and means “a tall holy place”, which derives from the fire temples of the Zoroastrians near Sablan.